Are you amazed at how YouTube has become a part of your daily life and wondering how you could become a content creator yourself and get a LOT of free Youtube traffic in the process?

Do you have your own YouTube channel already but can’t figure out why you view count is low and your revenue practically non-existent?

Are you dreaming about becoming a YouTube celebrity but don’t know where to start your journey into stardom?

Once again, 7 Figure Furnace holds some great answers, because I just had Cyril Gupta as a guest and we dived pretty deep into what it means to be successful on YouTube and building a business around video content creation and video marketing.

What Your Need to Know About This 7 Figure Furnace Episode

For those of you who are visiting my website for the first time, first, let me say “welcome,” and secondly, let me introduce you to this podcast. 7 Figure Furnace represents a relatively new podcast, created for both new and experienced marketers with the aim to uncover actionable, effective tactics for boosting traffic and sales – and in today’s episode, how to get free youtube traffic. I’ve interviewed PPC masterminds, software product creators, content marketing evil geniuses, and many more specialists that lend us their knowledge on finding the shortest route to success.

For this episode, I interview Cyril ‘Jeet’ Gupta, who is a veteran software developer, the CEO of the high-quality online marketing products company called Teknik Force, and a leading video marketing expert running YouTube channels that get millions of views like Rhymecast, Nisha Madhulika, Two Min English and many others.

Cyril shares how video recipes got him involved in this space, what to focus on when you start a YouTube channel, what’s the best way to monetize your videos, how to get free youtube traffic and how to correctly optimize your channel.

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Now lets get started. Here’s what you’ll learn:

The First Mover’s Advantage in the Video Recipes Niche

Cyril Gupta became interested in video marketing back in 2009 when YouTube first introduced its partnerships program, and people were making good money out of their uploads to the platform. His mother was a food blogger at the time, and they saw an opportunity for expanding their following by shooting video recipes and uploading them to YouTube. It took them 2 years until they figured out the best way to optimize their channel and create a revenue stream, but since then things worked out great and today, Cyril’s mother is the most prominent YouTube chef in India, enjoying a huge following around the world, also.

The fact that Cyril started so long ago to optimize YouTube channels gives him the advantage of successfully doing this for over 5 years, something not many people can put down in the resumes.


What You Should Be Doing When Starting a New YouTube Channel

If you launch a channel today, you must remember that your initial positioning and format don’t have to be with you until the end of your professional life, you can adapt depending on what your viewers are telling you.

The 3 things that influence YouTube success you should be aware of are:

  1. Consistency

When you start a new channel, you need to be consistent with your posting frequency. Many people get super excited to start a video project, and they produce many videos at the beginning, but as time goes by, they upload less and less content. YouTube looks for consistency, people that would be in this for the long run. YouTube doesn’t want to promote people that will quit in a few months, but people that week by week, or even day by day, show up and upload new content. So make a plan, decide how often you’re going to post every week and stick to that.

  1. Optimization

To make your channel stand out and get the most out of every video you upload, you should optimize your channel. Most people confuse video optimization with SEO, and applying SEO tactics to your YouTube videos isn’t going to boost your views as much as channel optimization.

  1. Analysis & Adaptation

Different niches have different requirements regarding posting frequency and video quality, but analysis and adaptation are important no matter what industry you operate in. You need to get to know the market, what you can offer, where you stand, what your positioning should be, what is that unique thing you can offer that none of your competitors can take away from you.

In general, you should consume YouTube content, see what others and doing and integrate the good practices you uncover into your own projects.


How Do You Avoid Getting Your Account Suspended

First, you need to understand that accounts aren’t suspended by people working at YouTube, they’re suspended automatically by algorithms. So if your account gets suspended and you know you did nothing wrong, don’t get mad, most probably an algorithm interpreted the data associated with your channel in a way that made it believe you’re doing something wrong. So patiently reach out to YouTube and you’ll get your account back as soon as possible.

The most common cause for account suspension is spam. If you’re publishing many videos each day and YouTube suspects that the traffic to them isn’t good quality, your account might get suspended.

The worst things you could do on YouTube, which will surely get your account suspended, are:

  • Using content that you hold no rights over;
  • Repeatedly viewing and liking your own videos;
  • Posting comments on other people’s channels asking for them to visit your account;
  • Paying for people to view or like or post comments on your channel;
  • Uploading too many videos in a short time;

To grow your channel, you need to focus on generating organic traffic and optimizing your channel the right way.


How to Monetize Your Videos the Right Way

Cyril was very frank about it: until you get to hundreds of thousands of views, you won’t make much from YouTube’s advertising. He allowed us to take a peek at the stats of one of his many channels – Rhymecast.

What he wanted to show was that unless you get at least 80-90,000 views per day (as it’s the case for Rhymecast), linking your YouTube account to an AdSense one won’t really help you make money.



His solution for getting money out of your YouTube channel when you’re still at the beginning, and you don’t have so many views each day, is to promote various offers, direct viewers to your website, create and sell a product to your viewers, accept for companies to sponsor your videos, etc.

Monetizing your channel through advertising can become expensive because you’ll have to create a lot of quality content, but you can still make piles of money by finding other ways to get your viewers (even if they’re only 100/day) to pay for what you’re offering them or by giving brands access to your audience through your videos.


The Best Traffic Source for Your Videos

You can get free YouTube traffic via the organic search:

  1. Ranking for key search terms relevant to your niche;
  2. Being featured in the Suggested Videos bar;
  3. Taking advantage of YouTube’s features (e.g. playlists).

What Cyril found out is that being featured in the Suggested Videos bar is his main source of organic traffic for most of his channels. For Rhymecast, his channel dedicated to kids’ content, Suggested Videos accounts for 67% of all his views, while search only for 2.4%.



The type of the main traffic sources can differ a lot from one YouTuber to another, but if you’re optimizing your channel the right way, it will probably look like Cyril’s.

Why Playlists are a Powerful Tool for Generating Views

Every single one of Cyril’s videos is featured at least one playlist, his strategy is to add one video to as many of his playlists as he can, and he does this because playlists also rank. When you do a YouTube search, you’ll get both playlists and individual videos in the results.

A sneaky tactic Cyril used on one of his channels with great results was to create niche-relevant videos in which his own videos would be at the top, so the video of his competitors would be played only after the viewers saw Cyril’s. If a list has a lot of videos, YouTube will show it to users, and you don’t have to use only the videos you created to build a list.


Finding Your Niche Before Starting a New Channel

On YouTube, having the best camera or the best audio recording system isn’t the most important thing in becoming successful. To produce your videos, you can just choose the best option for you. Some people use Camtasia to record their tutorials, other shoot their video in a studio with multiple cameras, but most shoot their videos on a smartphone or handheld camera. What matters is the actual content – what the video is about, not how it was made.

Having said this, when starting a new YouTube channel your priorities should be:

  1. Figuring out what you’re about

What’s unique about you and what you do? From all the things you know and do, what would be engaging for others?

  1. Finding a good niche to focus on

For this you’ll need to watch what other people are putting out there in your industry, figure out how much time they are investing, how much money, how often they publish their content, how much money they get out of their content.

This can be considered hard math. You need to calculate how many subscribers are there in a niche, what works and how are the channels in that niche growing. And you should do this for up to 5 niches and figure out which one would work for you, where your resources will have an impact.

When you take all of these things into account and consider what you can invest in your channel (time, effort, money), you’ll have a better understanding of what niche would be a great choice for you.

To help his clients analyze YouTube niches they’re interested in, Cyril built a tool called NicheXploit – a unique software that can predict the profitability of any niche.


Why Focus on the Analytics Outside of Your Channel

YouTube channel analytics won’t tell you anything about your competition – what videos are making them money, what keywords they’re targeting. You need to understand what’s going on in the market, and most data is available, exposed publicly. You can see the titles, descriptions, keywords, the number of views for the videos uploaded by your competitors, and this can help you improve your own performance.


Planning for Mobile Traffic

If you’re among the people that get most of their organic traffic from mobile devices, you need to remember that annotations don’t work on mobile devices, not even on tablets, so you can’t use one of the most popular tools for sending people to another video, to a website, or just to post a call-to-action for engagement.

What works on a mobile device are related videos, polls, and cards. Cyril puts a card in every video he’s publishing, and it might be wise to do the same.

You’ll find you option for creating the cards in your Video Manager > Edit Video > Cards.


Discovering the Recipe for Viral Videos

Shock people, stir a controversy, and you’ll be famous. Cyril thinks the shortest way to create a viral video is by surprising viewers by saying something enraging or wonderful.

He gives the example of a young YouTuber, who published two videos on how she’s speaking American so she can’t really communicate properly with a British youngster who speaks English. People didn’t realize she staged the videos, and they kept sharing and resharing them, bringing her a lot of popularity.


One important thing to remember about viral videos is that they’re not making anyone any money. This happens because as soon as a new viral video appears, people will download it and reshare it on Facebook or Twitter or Vine or Instagram, so the channel owner is actually losing a lot of views and money.


Making Your Channel Stand Out

You don’t have a lot of options for making your channels not look like everyone else’s – you can only customize the top bar. So make sure you have a great design in place, that will help you entice people to stick around and watch another view or to subscribe.

Another thing you can do to make the most out of your videos is to use custom thumbnails for each of them. That will grab people’s attention and will also tell YouTube you’re a pro, doing this for a living, not just for sharing a family video, so you’ll get more exposure, thus more views.


A Final Piece of Advice

Do 50% of the work associated with owning a YouTube channel before posting your first video online. Figure out first how you’ll produce your videos, decide what niche you’ll be in and study the market before putting any of your money in a YouTube project.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and let us know in the comments if you already have a YouTube channel or if you plan on launching one soon.

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