Idea Generation Using “The Einstein Method”

June 9, 2016

The Einstein Method Of Idea Generation

Probably the smartest person in the world was Einstein – but, he actually made a conscious effort to become an idea generator, practicing certain techniques until those choices became familiar habits to him.

Some of his multitudes of ideas were so great that they have remained with us and even shaped our world view many years after his death.

His brain was so well revered, that it has been preserved for study after his death!

That’s a measure of astounding impact on the world, if nothing else!

So, what was Albert Einstein really like to hang around?

idea generation

You might think, with the fact that he spat out some our most foundational mathematical and scientific principals, that he was an antisocial, unapproachable guy – who was perfectly at home and comfortable around his collections of butterflies – or spending hours at his favourite train station taking notes of model numbers. (not that there is anything wrong with that… haha)

It wasn’t entirely the case though!  Einstein – the man who we generally pops into our minds when we think of the word “Genius” was a playful person, who loved nothing more than to stir up mischief and make a few jokes.

He regularly practiced multiple brainstorming techniques for idea generation – and would sometimes daydream his way to finding a solution to a problem.   While others would look at him and think he was just “in a world of his own” – he didn’t see it as being anything weird, or anti-social…  He knew that brainstorming ideas was essential to productivity.

An avid reader, Einstein insisted that to raise intelligent children, they should have as many fairy stories read to them as possible.

He also believed in spending time thinking about what you feel is important to you. And that speaks to a target market – if you need to generate ideas and create products or services in business, it sure helps if you are part of your own target market.

Maybe it’s in daydreaming and reading that we create a larger pool of experiences which we can draw from. After all, our subconscious mind does not differentiate between what we truly see and feel and what we perceive to see and feel.

By opening our minds to greater ranges of travel and experience through books, movies and daydreams, we can conceive of ideas that may otherwise have remained outside of our grasp for more ‘organic’ feeling idea generation.

It might seem strange to look at ideas in what seems an emotional way, such as the product of daydreaming, but when left with the choice of what ideas survive the brain dump and get moved into action, and what get the guillotine, the answer is generally the idea you are most passionate about.

Emotions form a great filter for ideas – the ones you are excited about are more likely to be the ones you get done on time, while the ones your gut warns you against may end up as the ones that drag you down.

So, this is where my mind is at right now.  Coming up with ideas to boost my creativity and get back in touch with my crafty/artsy side too. Do you have any ideas of methods that work for you?  Any hobbies that I should check out and start pursuing?

What methods do you use to get your idea generation kickstarted into something awesome?

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